Current Programs

The International Sustainability Education Foundation is always working on several programs. We believe that the best results are achieved by building partnerships and enabling as many people and organisations as possible to collaborate on our programs.

Current programs include:

Paddles Across Canada – 

The Paddles Across Canada program runs paddle making workshops across Canada. In partnership with Lee Valley Tools, Festool and other sponsors and through pilot programs run in partnership with the Canadian Canoe Museum Paddles Across Canada brings paddle making workshops to communities both large and small. In several cases this program is partnered with other ISEF programs like the Tillikum Lens Program or the Preparing Our Home program. Perhaps more than any other ISEF program Paddles Across Canada reaches out to every Canadian – invoking the rich paddling history of the country – the history which really brought this country together long before railroads had even been invented.

Click here for more information: Paddles Across Canada

Preparing Our Home Program – 

The “Preparing our Home”enables Indigenous youth to reach their potential in becoming emergency preparedness leaders in their communities. This program is led by the youth, for the youth and their communities.The workshop framework has been developed in collaboration with community partners, organizational partners and our Circle of Advisors. With the support of INAC and Public Safety Canada we have delivered programs across the country and are in the process of expanding the program so it can reach even more communities.

The Canada Ambassador Program – 

Imagine a school where the whole country is your classroom, a school where you have your own international partner – someone to act as your personal ambassador to Canada and to the world. Imagine a school where your school bus is a train winding over 7000km across Canada. Imagine a school that brings you to visit over 20 universities across Canada, a school which keeps your education on track from high school to university.  Imagine the friendships, the learning, the experiences and the opportunities that such a school offers.

Imagine the Canada Ambassador Program. Click here for more details

Mt. Robson Winter

Net Zero Design Program –

Using the potential of international student residences which needed to be built in Parksville, BC ISEF engaged with Studio C Architecture firm and the University of Idaho Architecture Program to do a design charrette and create a program plan for a close to Net Zero energy use residence building design.  With a village core approach and learning built into the design as well as very low energy use Studio C achieved a fantastic design for the proposed site. For more information on Studio C click here.

Studio c banner

Tillikum Lens Project

In collaboration with an interdisciplinary group of Liu Scholars and Sony Canada, the International Sustainability Education Foundation (ISEF) has created “The Tillikum Lens Project” an annual program focused on empowering indigenous youth by enabling them to tell their stories through images. In partnership with the Osoyoos Indian Band and the Squamish and Lil’wat Nations (Skwxwú7mesh Úxwumixw and  Lil’wat7ul) this is a program which brings internationally known photographers to teach local indigenous youth from these communities how to document their lives and stories through images.

Tug-of-war-600x114  This project is inspired by a story behind the wall of images at the Osoyoos Desert Cultural Centre which show paintings done by the children of the Osoyoos school in the 1930’s and 1940’s; images and stories which were instrumental in keeping the school on Osoyoos land and under some Osoyoos Band control. Images, in particular photography, are very powerful tools to enable youth to tell their story from their perspective. For more information about the Tillikum Lens Project click here.