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WEtegrity is proud to be the Founding Benefactor to the International Sustainability Education Foundation.   WEtegrity understands that foreign investments need to bring long term employment and economic benefits to a region in order for them to be successful over the long run. In addition, the objectives of the projects need to complement the development strategies of the region, and fully integrate the external team into the local communities.This is why WEtegrity works closely with local governing bodies in designing investment projects. WEtegrity partners with local businesses wherever possible to make sure that local experience is built into the team and benefits both the investors and local communities.

WEtegrity believes that the International Sustainability Education Foundation is the ideal type of community focused foundation which will benefit the local region and the international community. By supplying the seed funding to start ISEF and by continuing to support the Foundation as the ‘Founding Benefactor’ WEtegrity is demonstrably showing its support for small regional development in Canada.

WEtegrity Directors & Founding members:

Ivan Chow:

Ivan Chow is a veteran of the high tech industry where he has held senior R&D positions in organizations ranging from multinational corporations to entrepreneurial startups. Blessed with the diversity of exposure to geography and cultures where he was raised, educated and developed professionally, he enjoys roles where his multilingual skills and multicultural awareness contribute critically to the success of projects in which he is involved. Ivan is also an advocate of cycling as a means of active transportation.

Bo-Wei Liu:

Bo-Wei is a young entrepreneur and recent immigrant. Prior to immigrating to Canada from China, Bo-Wei worked at the China Citic Bank where he was manager-in-training in the commercial loan department interfacing with large enterprises and private investors. Since arriving in Canada, he has started several business ventures including a Vancouver based Chinese internet social portal and an online service platform for Chinese university students and tutors. Bo-Wei currently serves as the head of the Vancouver chapter of the China Youth Returnee Association, a China-based 200,000 member association of Chinese overseas-educated student returnees and entrepreneurs.

Founding members:

Qiu Tian Ma, Jonathon Reynolds

For more information:  WEtegrity Website