The Participants


The heart and soul of the Tillikum Lens Project

The students and participants of the workshops and conference are the heart and soul of the Tillikum Lens Project. Not only are they the focus of the project they bring the most to the project as well. All of us associated with the Tillikum Lens Project learn from these students, students from across the province of BC and as we expand across the world.

As they use photography as a tool to look at their world and tell their stories about their world all of us can learn from these students. As the Tillikum Lens Project expands we will be welcoming students studying photography, video, painting and drawing, dance and almost any form of artistic expression which can enhance and empower our participants life.

Each of these participants is unique and they each bring a completely unique perspective and viewpoint to the world and each other. As much as our students learn from the program those of us involved with the Tillikum Lens Project learn from our students and they learn from each other. This website will be a place where some of their images and ideas can be shared with each other and with the world at large. The exhibitions of their work are also wonderful venues where their work and perspectives are shared with the world.